Give yourself permission to slow down and sew...

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Are you lacking inspiration, motivation and the time to make something? Come join like-minded women, who are all keen to re-fuel their creative tanks. We are all guilty of prioritising work, family, social life and to-do lists. If a slow, calming few days of sewing is just what you're craving, join us today.

What do I get when I join?

This workshop runs from 14-17 November, 2019. But you will have lifetime access to all course videos, resources and online community. You'll have fun, feel proud and re-fuel your creativity tank. Yay!

  • Step-by-step video lessons from start to finish.

  • Printable sewing pattern for the Japanese reversible knot bag we will use for the workshop.

  • Supportive online community of like-minded women on the same journey to rediscover their creativity.

  • Motivation and daily inspiration from me (Rin) during the workshop duration.

  • BONUS: Large knot bag sewing pattern PDF

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Registration closes once the workshop starts. You'll have lifetime access to all videos and patterns once you join.

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Online Sewing Workshop Testimonials

“Really happy with how it turned out. Proud of myself! I went quite slowly, and watched the videos a few times each. I took a long time with the measurements, checking them.”

LBD Sewing Challenge Participant

“Very happy and proud. A little worried about whether it did look ok and whether people will be able to tell it's self made, but Ivthink the comments on fb helped me feel more confident!”

LBD Sewing Challenge Participant